Inquiry Blog Posts – People who owe me work

The numbers next to your name is the amount of posts you have done. EVERYONE must complete 4 blog posts. You have until Monday 9th November to complete this work.

Tyler – 0

Thomas – 0

Issy – 0

Sam – 0

Molly – 0

Bethany – 0

Laura – 0

Amri – 1

Jess – 1

Jake – 1

Zac -1

Luci – 1

Georgia – 1

Lara – 1

Matthew – 1

Reuben – 1

Blake – 2

Ozzie – 2

Gabby – 2

Luke – 3

Here are the activities:


You are required this week to find an interesting picture in relation to your Inquiry question. You must reference the website.

Once uploading an image, write three interesting statements about what that image represents in relation to your Term 4 Inquiry.

You can also add 3 closed questions and 3 open questions at the bottom of your post!


#2 Blogpost

Where do you get your information?

When you research anything, your information will come from either a primary or secondary source.

What is the difference between the two?

You need to find out information about your individual inquiry topic from both a primary and seondary source. Once you have found this, you need to post it on your own blog.

REMEMBER: You must reference properly where you found your information, otherwise you can not post it on your blog.


#3 Blogpost

Find a newspaper article related to your Inquiry question. Insert a link to the article. Make sure you reference the article correctly.

Write a brief summary about the article.

Write 3 closed questions and 3 open questions about this article. Include the answers.


#4 Blogpost

– Find a world map template.

– Locate and highlight all the different places in the world where your Inquiry Question may occur.

– Write a paragraph about the observations you can see from the map.

For example:

– Are all the countries tropical? Are they above/on the equator? Climate?

– Is it located in a particular area of a country? Coast lines, inland?

– What do the countries have in common? Population? Westernised? Third world?


Absent Wednesday 14th October

Sorry 6W I’m still not well. Here’s what I’d like you to do today:

Session 1 – Reading Rotations

Session 2 – Library begin looking for books on “How is the environment effected by humans and naturally?” Look for books related to this.

Session 3 – Sports Training

Session 4 – Assembly

Session 5 and 6 – Writing research a clip/ episode on natural disasters. Take notes about the topic.